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The city

Vasco da Gama is a charming metropolitan city, which is located near of the banks of the Zuari River, on the narrow western tip of the Mormugao peninsula; it is a natural harbor in the west coast of the Western Indian State of Goa. Originally the city was called as Sambhaji, now is popularly known as Vasco, geometrically planned well laid out coastal town, Vasco is also the oldest railway terminus for passenger service. The city took its name after the legendary Portuguese explore and Goa’s former viceroy, Dom Vasco da Gama.

Vasco is a largest industrial and commercial city in Goa, and also has the largest population in the State, estimated over 100,000. The center of Vasco da Gama City is dominated by imposing huge buildings and a church, closed by Morgumao harbor in the west and in by the Dabolim airport in the south, and it is the junction of the railway lines into Goa. This city is a well planned metropolitan city; the main town of Vasco is well laid out pretty much in a straight line along parallel roads interlinked by small by-lanes.

The city is well linked by air because there is Dabolim Airport to 3 kilometers from the center of Vasco City, by railway by its Vasco Railway Station or South Central Railway, by sea through the Morgumao Port which before was a crowded port of the west India, in times when Portuguese rule the state, and by road connect with several cities by the National Highway 17A. There also is located the Indian Navy’s Goa Naval Area Base which control the harbor and the Dabolin Airport, it Naval Base is located to the north east, and in the west of the city is located the oil refinery.

Vasco counts with many facilities for the visitors, as good hotels and restaurants, and including a stadium, the hospital, police stations, post offices and other offices that have metropolitan cities. Maybe the most interesting part of the city is the Baina Beach which is backed by an ugly housing state and a fishing village. And other attraction of the city is located to 7 kilometers from Vasco, it is the Bogmalo Beach, where numerous snacks offering the local cuisine.

The best time to visit the city is from October to June, the climate during the summer months is bright, and I a heavy downpour during the monsoons.

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