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Getting Vasco da Gama

Getting There

By Air

The Dabolim airport is the important gate for the Goa State, from there departure and arrive flights from the major cities of India and some times, charter flights from other countries, especially from Europe. The airport is located 4 kilometers southeast of Vasco da Gama, on the top of a rocky plateau. And few years back, a large new civilian terminal was constructed and this naval aerodrome to accommodate Goa’s rapidly increasing air traffic from the national and international flights. Facilities in the new construction include State Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Desks, Post Office Counters, and counters from domestic airlines. Inside the airport are available prepaid taxi counters and private taxis, and near of the airport are available buses to Margao and Panjim.

By Railway

The small railway station is located in the center of the city, at the south end of the main Dr. Rajendra Prasad Avenue, the railway line along the southern side of the city connects Vasco with other cities of the India.

By Road

The Interstate Kadamba bus terminus is located 3 kilometers east of the city center, there arriving buses from different cities like a Panjim, Margao and others. In front of the bus terminus are available local minibuses which ferry passengers from there to the more central market bus stand, at the top of the square. Auto-rickshaws, ambassador and motorcicly taxis are also available on the corner of the Swatantra Path and Dr. Rajendra Prasad Avenue.

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