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Bogmalo Beach

Maybe this beach is the principal attraction of Vasco da Gama City; Bogmalo is located 8 kilometers away to the southeast of the town, just at the end south of the airport. Bogmalo is covered for sandy beach, surrounded by a line of coconut trees and redbrick huts, and the beach provides a good combination of serenity and fun. Moreover, the calm waters offer a safe place for swimming, and the beach is approved for open water diving courses. Grande Island is an especial attraction in Bogmalo for the people who like of the adventure, there is situated the guided dives to shipwreck sites and coral beds off the coast, especially the people prefer go to Grande Island inside of the sea, where you can take a splash in the sea water or diving in its beautiful coast. The beach before was a fishing village, which is still present at Bogmalo, complete with a tiny whitewashed Chapel, but with the time it have been transformed in a tourist hangout.

Naval Aviation Museum

This was the first naval museum opened in Asia, located at Dabolin, exactely on the Bogmalo beach, it museum was opened for the public in October 19, 1998. The museum showcases the history of Indian Naval Aviation, and exhibits various types of aircrafts, weapons, sensors, safety equipment, and rare photographs depicting Bangladesh’s liberation. The museum is divided in various sections, the first section displays armament as bombs and torpedos, the second section show the safety area, where you can find complete pilot safety equipments, and also rare photographs from 1971; and the last one, display the archive hall, which has a huge model of the ship, INS Virat along with historical photographs of the Naval Aviation and the liberation of the Bangladesh. The museum is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm every day.

Pilot Point

It is located at Headland Sada, a little ahead of the Mormugao port; an open space uphill provides a wonderful view of the port as well as the Zuari River meeting the Arabian Sea.

Japanese Garden

This place is known for its beauty and charisma, located still ahead from the pilot point, where also is a temple of Goddess Durga, during the visit to the garden you can listen a history about the temple. This garden is the remains of the Fortaleza Santa Catarina, and next to the garden is the small beach of soft sand, where you can take a stroll.

Other places to visit in Vasco are: Baina Beach and Hansa Beach, which are located near of the city. The Sada Fort, which was built by the Portuguese near of the Arabian Sea, and the Mormugao Port, an important port in the past, now a point where you can take a cruise ship that carry in a trip around Goa.

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