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Vasco da Gama

The city of Vasco da Gama was originally called Sambhaji, or commonly is referred as “Vasco”, the city is located on the narrow western tip of the Mormugao peninsula, overlooking the mouth of the Zuari River. Vasco da Gama also lies to 29 kilometer from Panjim, the capital of the Indian State of Goa, in the west coast of India, and about 4 kilometers from International Airport of Dabolim. The city was named after the famous Portuguese sailor.

The history of Vasco started in 1543 when Portuguese acquired the area for its strategic location, and within a few years, it was transformed into one of the western India’s busiest ports. Around this time, plans were made to shift the capital city of old Goa, even the Viceroy D Francisco de Tavora was in favor of Vasco becoming the Capital of the Goa State, with this purpose many buildings were constructed as the Viceroy’s Palace, offices and warehouses, but all plans ended abruptly when the court of Lisbon scrapped the plans of making Vasco as the Capital of Goa, before the city well planned became an important city.

Now, Vasco also is the most important industrial and commercial city of Goa, very importan in the economy of state, and is a key shipping centre, in the area are located an important number of mines in its interior, from where container vessels and iron-ore barges clogging the choppy river mouth, from where leave to the countries of Japan and Korea. The city is well connected with other major cities of India and also some important cities of Europe and Middle East, is the only city in entire Goa that is connected by all means, by air, by rail, by road and sea links.

Although, Vasco da Gama isn’t an important place for tourist, because the city has few places to visit, and probably you will end up a bit disappointed when you are there, but this charm metropolitan city has connectivity and Goa depend from the mini state of Vasco, specially by its control of the Dabolin Airport, and if you want to stay some days in Vasco, the city offers you good hotels and restaurants.

In the city you can find two beaches, the major attraction is the Bogmolo Beach, a beautiful sandy beach, and the Baina Beach that is just a walk of the city; other places are the Pilot Point at Headland Sada, and the Japanese Garden.

Vasco da Gama Travel Guide

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