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Varkala History

Certainly, the birth of the village is a set of legends, which say, that a king of the Pandyan dynasty was instructed by the Lord Brahma to build the Janardhana Temple to alleviate the king of his sins, and in a dream the king was prophesied about the location of the idol, it is an ancient belief.

Other legend talks about the beginning of the name of Varkala, when a group of devout pilgrims approached Narada, a saint of ancient times, these pilgrims were shadus who told him that they had sinned. In anger, Narada threw his valkalam, the loin cloth made from bark of the tree, the place where it landed was Varkala, and then Narada told to the sinners to pray at a place near the seashore where landed the Valkalam, this place the came to be known as “Papanasam” that means redemption from sins. Since then, the area took the name of Varkala.

Finally the beautiful beach of Varkala, and the cliffs count with ever-increasing popularity of Kovalam beaches; before the place only was a pilgrimage center, after, the area became popular and Varkala begun to be popular, and the beach started to win the attention of visitors around early nineties. Since then, Varkala is an ideal spot for who wants to be away from the usual tourist traffic.

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