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Varkala is the place where seafood lovers will pass magnificent days, many restaurants are located around the clifftop near of the helipad and you just won’t miss the numerous café-restaurants lined up, which serve delicious baked steamed or coconut-curried freshly caught shark, fresh fish, marlin, tali plates or butterfish, as well as pasta, pizza and, if you are lucky some Indian dishes too. These restaurants are very expensive, and the service generally is slow, but the awesome location of this stretch of restaurants provides some great views of the beach, sunset are especially popular. There the café-restaurants are opened till midnight or so and sometimes even later.

In front of the most restaurants are displayed the freshly caught seafood, so pick your fish, crabs, lobsters and get it prepared the way you like it. But in general the restaurant of Varkala are seasonal and spring up during the season, and in other times the food is ordinary, and there are only two or three vegetarian restaurants; other places to eat is near of the railway station and in the town, however to find a decent restaurant is difficult.

The only fancy restaurant in Varkala is the Taj Garden Retrat, and some places where you can eat well and have a good view of the beach and the sunset are: Café Italiano, Cafe del Mar, Clafouti, Johnny Cool, Kerala, Kerala Coffee House, Mamma's, Shri Padmam, and Sunrise. And some hotels have their own restaurant and service to the room, hotel such as Hotel Suprabhatham and Varkala Park Hotel (deluxe).

Due to strict laws and antiquated licensing of Kerala, which involve huge amounts of tax, in general cafés serve some of beer discreetly or they prefer don’t serve booze, and the cost of the spirits are very high. Other possibility for drink safety is to retire to the comforts of the Taj Garden Retreat’s bar and superb restaurant, where the prices that you pay for booze are very expensive.

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