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Varkala Travel Guide

Varkala Travel Guide

Varkala is a small town located in the southern Indian State of Kerala, in the south of the State, on the high ranges of the Western Ghats, located at Pythal hill station out 45 kilometers north from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, and to 20 kilometers southeast of Kollam. Varkala is an important Hindu pilgrimage center, with the Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple which is 2000 years old. And the town is also known by the Papanasam Beach.

The beautiful beach of Papanasam is a quiet stretch of the white sandy beach, surrounded by coconut palm trees and red cliffs of 1500 meters beyond the village as a quiet, the beach is an unspoiled alternative to Kovalam. Varkala is an ideal spot for enjoying the sun and surf of the Arabian Sea, with its two kilometers long cliff extends from the south, has a extraordinary view from the top of these magnificent cliffs into the beautiful landscape is breathing. The beach is visited each time by more and more tourist, and the tourist scene has so far been relatively low-key despite the arrival of the Taj Group’s luxury resort and the occasional package tour group; visitor yet prefer the clifftop row of budget guesthouses and palm-thatch cafés. The beach is an alternative to Kovalan beach, this calm place is developing slowly, but you can visit the beach in the best time that is between October and March, and during monsoon Varkala is virtually unusable.

Another important characteristic of Varkala is its religious importance; this is an important Hindu center of pilgrimage visited by thousands of pilgrims every year, since 12th century, time when the Janardhana Temple was built, during this period (it is actually supposed to be much older) and listen to the pious story that also gives the Papasnanam beach and even Varkala their name. The most important place is Shree Janardhana Swamy Temple which is 2000 years old, the Temple is dedicated to Vishnu and Hanuman, and the Varkala sand has become an ideal spot for confluence of cultures exotic and alien, a top the hill has brought a sobriquet for the region. And the high cliffs from mineral springs majestically rise is a scene typical of Varkala, which is supposed to have curative properties; a dip here is believed to carry away all the sins of soul and purify it.

Sivagiri Mutt is one major landmark of Varkala, established by Shree Narayana Guru around 1856 to 1928, who was the great social reformer of Kerala, he was a renowned philosopher, and who propagated his concept of “one Caste, One Religion, One God”; there is located a nature cure centre adjacent to the beach, and the hill-top mausoleum of Shree Narayana Guru, is one of the most famous monuments in Kerala.

Varkala Travel Guide

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