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Vagator Travel Guide

Vagator Travel Guide

Vagator Beach is located to 22 kilometers away from Panjim, the capital of the Indian State of Goa, exactly in North Goa, nearby of the Anjuna Beach and situated in the North of the Bardez taluka. Vagator has 30 kilometers stretch of beach coastline along the west coast of Goa.

Vagator is divided into three parts: Italian beach, Tel Aviv beach and the main strip. Italian and Tel Aviv was denominated thus after the nationalities occupy the sands there, and each national mafia has his stronghold, in Goa these mafias became to be strong.

The beach is covered of pure white sand, doted with black rock and dotted with palm trees, coconuts palms, friendly farmhouses and pictorial Portuguese bungalows; in the beach you can have the opportunity to slip away into quiet reunion with yourself as the waves reach out to caress you. It is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a series of small beaches with shady palms.

The beautiful water of the beach changes its colors from aquamarine to emerald, and the skirt area of the beach is lush green, whit tiny cottages, and each one has gardens garlanded by colors of lemon, purple and fuchsia.

The beach also you can see to traditional fishermen who made of the beach special place for their activities. They reside along the shores of the beach, while you are in Vagator, you will come across the fishermen in their traditional attire getting ready to venture into the sea or coming back with their day's catch.

For its golden beach, nature and pictorial Portuguese bungalows, Vagator is a great place to take a vacation, and a fine option for sea enthusiast, even if you are with small budget but of lots time with them. And nearby of the beach is located Chapora Fort on the northern hill ending the beach, the fort stands on the southern bank of the Chapora River, but now it is in ruins.

Vagator Travel Guide

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