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Translations in India

Translations in India India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and it is also one of the countries with the biggest growing rates. Regarding education matters, Indian people receive bilingual education; it means that at early ages they are educated in both languages “Hindi” and “English”. Therefore Indian children can write essays of one page at the age of 5 in English language. Moreover in this country business contracts are written English and in Hindi.

What is a translation?

A translation is a process in which a translator changes a text, from language A to language B. Although the process of translation seems simple, it is more complex than translating word by word.  It is necessary to offer a free translation accurately taking care of terminology and other issues. The main objective is that the target document should express the same meaning of the original document but in other language.

There are several options to translate a text on the internet, from dictionaries to professional translations. On the one hand online translators offer a word by word translation therefore they do not give us an accurate service. Usually these online translators show a group of meaningful words; hence it is better to use them carefully.

On the other hand we have translation agencies which offer professionally translation services. Since this service is provided by professional translators, the final translation is well-.written document, free of grammar mistakes and matches the same message contained in the original document. Therefore it is better to contract a professional translator for every kind of document.

Translation agencies

Translations agencies usually offer translation services in 2 or 3 languages among other services such as localization, interpretation, dubbing and subtitle.  For example some translation agencies only translate Asian languages such as: Chinese, Japanese or Hindi. Hindi translation is well paid in the market because of business companies highly require this service.

Translation agencies depend on translators, However translator can work as freelancers or for a translation agency. Translators perform a lot of work some of them even dedicate to translate hindi among other languages.

To sum up it is recommended to contract professional translation services if you need to translate any kind of document. On the other hand if you need to check for some vocabulary then you can look up new words in online dictionaries or online translators.

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