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Sports in India

In India's national sport is field hockey, however, there is more. On one side are imported sports of British colonization, which include 3:
  • Hockey: where students learned and Indians outscored their British masters, hence, that today are one of the best teams in the world in this discipline.
  • Cricket: is the most popular sport and major parties, eg against Pakistan, have great success. The national team of this category was world champion in 2011 and their players are elevated to the rank of stars.
  • Polo: popularly known as Sagol Kandejei born in India during the fourteenth century and the British was imported to England in the nineteenth century.
On the other side are the traditional sports which consist mainly of combat sports. Among them are sports strength with bare hands as the Mukna, Mizo Inchai, Kirip or other, in which athletes must use weapons to fight.

A unique sports in India is the Mallakhamb which is a spectacular discipline that is kind of pole dancing (dancing in a bar) on a 55cm long trunk. Impressive to see!

We must not forget water sports practiced in groups of 15 or more people and often in ethnic groups or families to strengthen ties between people. Sport is very common in India, especially if you want a bmi matching your standard of living, can calculator your BMI by using this tool

Ski Resorts in India

Sports in India Some people think that skiing in India may be impossible because they imagine this country a hot, dusty, and crowded place. But in the Himalayas in Kashmir, there is plenty of snow for this sport. The hills of India have high peaks and snowy mountains.

Gulmarg ski resort is a low-cost accommodation that offers a huge playground for skiers and fans. Gulmarg is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northwest India, the Himalayan foothills near the city of Srinagar.

Many companies offer ski tours, the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering offers ski lessons but there are also many ski schools as well.

Why ski in India? India is a fascinating destination. The excellent combination of culture and an impressive experience will make you spend an unforgettable holiday. Besides its ski resorts have the best equipment and Wi-Fi service of top class world, so skiers can keep themselves connected.

Marinas in India

India has become home to many wealthy people, the marinas in India have gone missing, but this is changing rapidly, there are high-level plans for the construction of marinas on the coast of India. This continent has a significant increase on the demand of luxury boats and yachts.

The Taj l Machar Box & Towers, architectural marvel has a privileged beachfront location, offering an extraordinary view of the Arabian Sea.

There are many islands near India with good trade relations. India made the highest percentage of its foreign trade by sea. The main ports are Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatanam.

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