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Schools in India

The school system in India is large, and does not differ from the school system in other countries. There are many public and private schools serving this country, but in its majority there are much more public schools (80%) than private ones. However, because of the poor quality of public education, 27% of Indian children study at private schools.

The education system in India is divided into:
  • Elementary education: 8 years of primary education
  • Secondary education:> 2 years
  • Senior education: 2 years
  • Higher education: It begins after passing the higher secondary education. Graduation can take three to five years depending on the degree.
  • Post graduate education: These courses can take two to three years.
In India there are many educational institutes and schools that offer quality higher education, some of them compete with the best of the world. The most popular are: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, the National Institute of Information Technologies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Indian School of Business among others.

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Military schools

Military schools in India

Currently the country of India has the third largest army in the world, and ranks as the largest importer of military equipment among the world powers. That is why India has many military schools that have the vision to form trained professional military. In our military school, you will also find courses in different military specialties such as: infantry, armored cavalry, artillery, engineering, communications, aviation, etc. We believe that military school produce a solid training and prepare you to successfully develop your military functions.
Law schools

Law schools in India

The law schools that are located in India require their students to have some of the necessary features to become a lawyer, such as: confidence, persistence, and marketability. Students need to test their general knowledge to develop a dialectical career in law. Law schools offer programs in specific law sectors such as civil rights, constitutional law, international law, labor law, criminal law, procedural law, commercial law, etc.

Flight schools

Flight schools in India

Today, aviation career is a work option that has a high demand in India. Therefore, it is considered as a highly lucrative career. However, the training is rigorous and requires a great deal of preparation. Here at our flight schools directory you will find several flight schools that offer courses such as: flight operation, air traffic management, air crew, aviation safety, aircraft maintenance engineering, etc.
Pilot schools

Pilot schools in India

The pilot schools in India will provide you with all the necessary elements to carry out this discipline, and to develop as a professional pilot. You will also learn how to apply management techniques to master the art of flying. This has led to a proliferation of pilot training institutes in India. These institutes provide us with training in various skills that are required to fly an aircraft.
Technical   schools

Technical schools in India

The higher education in India gives us the opportunity to specialize in technical schools. Among the technical schools of India, we find the Indian institutes of medical sciences, the Indian school of business and the Indian institutes of management; these institutes are recognized for providing high quality education that competes with the best in the world.
Boarding   schools

Boarding schools in india

The boarding schools in India have a great prestige. Boarding schools try to develop an integrated education in a very high level. Here at boarding schools in India you will find many public and private schools that offer internships and provide primary and secondary education as well as food, lodging, workshops, music, dance, general medical services, laundry and maintenance services.
Trade schools

Trade schools in India

Trade schools in India provide us with the knowledge and tools that are needed to develop business skills to work in competitive environments efficiently. You will learn the  key to respond to current trade and business problems. The trade schools in India offer training in business skills and commercial techniques. We believe that these skills will be very helpful to a career in the commercial area.
Massage   schools

Massage schools in India

In India practices many massage techniques and two of the most traditional Hindu massages are: Tibetan massage and ayurvedic massage. In India it is traditional to give a massage with sesame oil and aromatic spices. In India the massage centers are very popular; you can also find many massage schools that offer innovative and curative massage techniques and many specialized courses such as: physiotherapy and osteopathy. Massage certainly gives us good health, relaxation and wellness.

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