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India Travel Guide

Red Tape And Visas

To come to India you must require possessing a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa. Before, commonwealth nationals didnít need scroll visa to into India and stay of as long as they pleased, but now all foreign passengers need a valid Indian Visa, except nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who do not require visa to enter India and nationals of Maldives who donít require visa for entry in India for a period up to 90 days.

Is not possible to obtain a visa when you arrive to India, and no fee is charged for immigration facilities at the airports, you should ensure from to get your visa before that you start their journey and get it in your respective country. The Consular Passport and Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for issuance of India visas to the foreign national, the embassies and high commissions is listed in the official page of the Indian Government ( which offers the facilities to obtain your visa to visit India for anyone purpose.

Visa fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice, the cost to obtain a visa is depending of the type, duration and the purpose your visit. To get one you need fill and sign the visa application form, provide photographs, the purpose of your visit clearly, the period of stay and attach a letter of invitation.

Specifics visas are granted for a variety purposes, for example the more common is the Tourist Visa, and this Visa is normally granted for a period of six months, non-extensible and non-convertible also; Business Visa is granted for one or more years with multiple entries, and you need to present the document of business; Student Visa is granted for a period of five years or for the duration of the academic course. Transit Visa is issued for a maximum of 15 days with single/double entry facilities; Visa to Missionary is issued by undetermined time that is determined by the government; Journalist Visa is granted only to journalists and photographers previous contact with the External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs on Arrival in New Delhi; Conference Visa is issued for attending conferences/seminars/meetings, and for obtain this you need attach a invitation letter; for finish the Employment Visa Can be obtained on furnishing proof of employment/engagement.

Some special permits are required to visit some areas of India, or border restricted areas, such as Sikkim, parts of Ladakh, the Andaman Islands, Lakshadweep, the far west of the Thar desert beyond Jaisalmer and some northeastern hill state.

If have any problems in India and you need that your government helps you, you can to turn to the embassy of your country. India government in its website lists the Missions and Embassies Abroad (

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