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Eating & Drinking

Pushkar is a sacred place where Lord Brahma is worshiped, the food there is strictly vegetarian, and meat, eggs and alcohol are banned, and taking drugs is consider highly offensive. The prohibition of meat and eggs result in a limited range of ingredients, but the cooks make up for this with imagination. Be ware of the many buffets offering tempting all you can eat menus, most are likely to consist of terrible unhealthy reheated food. But no all is bad, in Pushkar exists good restaurant where you can get different foods including meats and eggs, this for cater both Indian and foreign palates; these are more expensive but is safer to eat in these places. Buffet of breakfasts consists in unlimited supplies of cereal, toast and curd. Other thing which you have warning is the bhang lassi, you think twice before downing one, this is legal here, but it can cause intense, and protracted, psychological distress if you aren’t used to its mind altering properties.

Some places where you can go to eat in Pushkar are: Hotel Pushkar Palace, Sunset Café, Om Shiva Hotel, Venus Restaurant, Moon Dance, Raju Garden Restaurant, Aun-n-Moon Hotel, Krishna, Rainbow, Sanjay and White House.

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