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The holy city of Pushkar is located to 11 kilometers away from Ajmer, on the banks of the Pushkar Lake; it also is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. The city is surrounded by three hills on its sides; one of them is Nag Parbat or Snake Mountain, which mark the limit with Ajmer.

The city is famous by its Brahma Temple, which is the only temple around the India dedicated to the Lord Brahma, the legend say that Savriti the wife of Brahma, curse him for that Pushkar was the only place where he was to be worshiped by future generations.

Apart of the Lord Brahma Temple, inside of the city are situated around of 400 temples and 52 bathing ghats, which were built by different kings and nobles surrounding the Pushkar Lake, this lake is a sacred spot for Hindus. The city is visited during the month of Kartik between October and November, devotes throng in large numbers here to take a dip in the sacred lake.

Other attraction of the city is the Pushkar Fair, where more of 200,000 people converge in the festival, where traders, pilgrims, tourist, film makers, nomads and villagers sell and buy camels, horses, cattle, sheep, and others items. The festival has a carnival atmosphere full of colorful shops, food stalls coming up everywhere; people wear attractive clothes, turbans, and other dresses.

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