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The Church Square, is principal attraction in Panjim, there is The Church of the Immaculate Conception that is most beautiful and elegant building in the Baroque Style, this monument was built in the 16th century in commemoration of the emancipation of Portugal from Spain in 1656.

Main Square

The Church

Dona Paula Beach, is also called like Dona Paula de Menzes Beach is the major attraction of Panjim, beautiful place where many movies were filmed, and water sports are available there. The National Oceanography Institute and the governor’s house are there.

Goa State Museum, was opened in 1964, in the abandoned convent of St. Francis of Assisi, the museum called Archeological too, keep temple sculpurem hero stones, paintings, old coins, colonial artifacts, and infamous Italian style table used by Goa’s Grand Inquisitors.

Biocholim Mayen Lake, is a wonderful falls and Mayen Lake, it is popular for go of picnic. It has temples like Shri Datta Mandir, Vithal Mandir, Saptakoteshwar temple and Aravlem caves.

Chapel of St. Sebastian, is a small chapel made of white stone, built in 1818, and is located near from the end of Fountainhas, and keep the Crucifix of the Inquisition.

Chapel of the Our Lady of the Mount, the chapel was built in 1510, by ordered of Alfonso of Albuquerque, is situated in the hill, the chapel has three main altars, an was built of laterite plastered with lime mortar.

Miramar Beach, is located the west of the city, there is fancy hotels, and often is crowded and dirty, because is the beach is near of the city.

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