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Panjim Travel Guide

Panjim Travel Guide

Panjim is the capital of Indian state of Goa, the state of Goa is located in the west coast of India, is surrounded in the north by state of Maharashtra, in the east and the south by the state of Karnata, and in its western is the Arabian Sea. The city of Panjim is located en the north district of the State of Goa, in the left banks of the wide Mandovi River, inside of the area called Konkani.

Panjim is the English name of the city, but its current official name is Panaji, which also is its Marathi name; Panaji means “land that does not flood”. The Portuguese called Pangim to the city, and in the local language the Konkani is pronounced how Ponnje. To difference from the other cities in the India, Panaji has been spelt since the 1960s.

Panjim is the third largest city in the state of Goa, after of Vasco and Margao. Is a charming city with its Portuguese influence, there you can find a beautiful church in the main square called Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, this building was built in Portuguese Baroque style, other buildings of the city have the same style, pretty villas, cobbled streets, tiny pub and bars, and the Old Portuguese quarter of Fontainhas give to the city a nostalgic Portuguese ambience that remember the past days of yore. Panjim became capital of the State when Old Goa the before the capital of the State silted up.

Other attractions of Panjim are Dona Paula Beach, is a beautiful beach where water's sports are practiced and facilities are available there. Ruins of St. Augustine’s Tower, one of four towers that some time stood in the church of St. Agustin; the tower served how belfry and the church had eight chapels and four altars luxuriously adorned. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount was built by Viceroy Alfonso de Albuquerque in 1510; the chapel is situated on the hill, built of laterite plastered with lime mortar and has three main altars. The Church and Convent of St. Monica, the complex has a large courtyard, cells and halls covered with painted and floral decorations. Archeological Museum, it has a wonderful collection of hero-stones, Brahmanical sculptures and sati stones that belong to the medieval periods. And Calangute Beach is a beautiful beach, this wonderful place is popularly known how the Queen of all Goan beaches.

Panjim has many festivals, like the Carnival celebrations that include colorful parade on the streets celebrates, and is celebrated in February, Shigmo is spring festival of the Hindu community, this festival follow to the carnival, and Bonderam Festival celebrate on the four Saturday of August, in the Divar Islands, this festival is making to remember the memoir of the dispute and fury of the villagers over the Portuguese system.

Panjim Travel Guide

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