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Palolem Travel Guide

Palolem Travel Guide

Palolem is located in the state from Goa, in the District of Canacona at South of the State, to 2 kilometers to west of Chaudi, and 37 kilometers from Margao. The beach has 1.5 kilometers crescent shaped beach, and is located on the southern coastline of Goa, the beach shows outstanding natural beauty.

Palolem is an enchanting beach, one of the most beautiful beach in Goa and idyllic beach for visitors, where its crescent shaped bay is lined with a beautiful white sand beach and backed with groves of coconut palms. Either side of the bay is a rocky headland covered in thick black forest and offshore is a tiny island whose only permanent inhabitants because the area is a colony of a black faced langur monkeys.

The beach became popular spot for tourist that goes to Colva and Calangute. Palolem certainly has a fast emerging, several visitors stay there in the peak season, and at anyone other time. Many people visit this place because the beach doesn’t have the crowded tourist scene of the further north, and maybe it is the best keep secret of Goa, the beautiful white beach is back covered of palms and grove forest, which give to the place a lovely ambience. The influx of the north beaches increasing commercialization of the beach, Palolem became a fully fledged resort, with shack restaurants, and palm leaf huts lining the entire beach.

The place is not well developed as for hotels and resorts near of the beach, because the village is a compliment it the free-thinking attitude of the local community, which has constantly resisted plans to develop Palolem. The local municipality strictly forbids any concrete buildings in the palm groves at the back the beach – hence all the leaf huts, tents and bamboo platforms. Because of this relative freedom of the charter trade, Palolem’s season is significantly longer than normal. While Benaulim and Colva’s shack owners are busily building their shelters in early November, Palolem’s have usually been up and running for weeks. Even so, outside December and January, it remains peaceful here; whit the speed of life set more by the customary rhythms of toddi tapping than the arrival and departures of tourist.

Palolem Travel Guide

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