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Munnar History

The Munnar history began in the prehistoric, so prove the relics discovered around the area point of Stone Age civilization. But the formal history was wrote since the 10th century; the first British who visits the area was the Duke of Wellington, in 1790, during the British Raj, at the same time also migrated to Munnar the Tamilians, and nearby places was occupied by them.

Around the early 19th century, Kannan Thevar, the headman of the villages of Anchanad had the lands to the north of the high ranges, which also belonged to the Local Raja of Poojar, who was the subordinate of the Maharaja of Travancore; in 1877, this Poojar chief leased 588 square kilometers of a land around Munnar to Mr JD Munro, a British lawyer cum tea planter. Later, the area was called the Kannan Devan Concession Land, in this times the regions was completely undeveloped, unexplored and covered with thick jungle where lived wild elephants and tigers.

In a effort shared between Munro and the Madras Civil Service founded the North Land Planting and Agricultural Society, whose members developed their own properties in several parts of the High Ranges, and Mr. Munro and other pioneers had a huge task, but they succeeded in clearing it all for tea production, and also tried many crops such as coffee, cinchona, sisal and cardamom. The tea was the best product that suited to the area. Some years later, in 1895, the Messrs Finlay Muir & Company bought Munro’s land, and almost one hundred year later, Tata-Finlay LTD. purchase it around 1976. Seven years later, James Finlay Group sold their remaining share holdings and the company became known as Tata Tea Ltd., the largest integrated company in the world.

Now the area with all these attractions became in a great sightseeing spot for the visitor, and every time more and more tourists flock in this popular place in the hills. With this growing tourism, also increase the sightseeing activities and hotels for accommodation and comfort of the guest.

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