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Mumbai is called The City that never Sleep too, it is the epicenter of the entertainment in India; the rapid globalization and urbanization of the city impacting in the nightlife of Mumbai, influx by western lifestyle and Bollywood music. Several bars, nightclubs and discotheques was opened in the last years, offering to the customers variety of places to choose, well, you can find pubs, bars, coffeehouses, hard rock spots, cocktail clubs and piano-bar restaurants, and also you can go to the discotheques where the music is very varied.

Western music is very popular, in the same way contemporary Hindi music is popular in discotheques; young enjoy these songs dancing choreographed like in the rhythms videos of the Indianís MTV channel, is a good sight see these dances, but if you like other manner to pass the night you can go to the pubs and listen rock, jazz, western, or techno, you can choose of a great variety of places throughout the city.

The nightclubs and the discotheques have their its own style, lots of these locals are in the western suburbs; and these places are generally frequents by young and teenyboppers, but in uptown area is the bars with English style such as Leopold's, the Library Bar and Cafe Mondeagarís, these places are preferred for the tourist, businessmen, famous people and the lovers at night.

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