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Mumbai cuisine is very exquisite and is distinguished by the use of vegetables and large variety of specieses, Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city of citizens that came of all parts of the India, each one bringed his characteristic dish, by this reason in Mumbai you can find cuisine of all India, and exotic dishes conceived in Mumbai.

The cuisine in Mumbai is characterized by the use of fish, coconuts and a large kind of vegetables, Mumbai is the paradise of the vegetarian people, but in the city is present the fast food restaurant especially western restaurants, international cuisine and traditional Indian cuisine.

Maharashtrian Dishes

Thali is a vegetarian dish that includes curries, vegetables, rice, curd etc, it is frequently ordered especially when you are hungry; preferred for Mumbaiís citizens, and usually used for people that like of diet food. Dishes of fish are very famous there, and some other dishes like a Bombil Batata Bhaji, Kamag Kakri, Solachi Kadhi, ect.

Fast Food

Many Western Fast Food Chains have their restaurants in Mumbai, they serve the western fast food, but these restaurants serve Indian meals too, however, in Mumbai exists Indian chains but they donít serve Indian foods. In independent restaurants you can find India's fast food like Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav and Bhlepuri that are similar to hamburger and hot dog, and Pani Puri that is kind of cake, but there is available several snacks and sweets.

Apart of the Maharashtrian's dishes and fast food, Mumbai has other delicious sweets and desserts, there is available other dishes like a soups, chidva, Shrikhand, Shira and Puran Poli, Chikki and other desserts, generally prepared for any special occasions.

In traditional ceremonies specially in marriage, they serve a dish on a banana leaf, the meal is vegetarian and includes coconut gravy, cucumber, peanut salad, green mango, chutney, rice and puris; other dish is Varan or golden dal; jalebi, creamy basundi or saffron scented shrikhand are delicious sweets, and finishes the meal with a sweet called vida that is a kind of paan.

In Mumbai are existing cuisines of all part of the world, many restaurants offers different kinds of intentional cuisine, but in Mumbai has a unique flavor; there are some specialized restaurants like Gaylords that serves Continental food; Mahesh Lunch Home, Apurva and Trishna are specialized in Sea Food; Giovanniís, Mezzo Mezzo, Vetro, Celini, Mangi Ferra, Taxi, and Spaghetti Kitchen are good in Italian Cuisine; Kandahar,Peshawari and Khybar offer North Western Food; Sheetal Bukhara, Dasking, Chetana, Great Punjab and Thackerís are specialized in Regional and General Indian Food; Chinese Food has good representatives like Mainland China, Golden Dragon, China White and Others; Japengo, Wasabi by Morimoto, Pan Asia and India Jones serve Japanese Food. In Mumbai are also cuisines like Combination Oriental Food, Fusion Food, International Vegetarian, Lounge, and some Cafes and Coffee Shops like a Leopold, Cafť Mondegard, Vista, Frangipani, Lotus Coffee and each hotel has its own Coffee.


Mumbai has some troubles with the water, but local and international brands of soft drinks are there, in many juice stalls and cafes are available in Mumbai, these offer exotic variety of juice like of mango, cucustered apple and lychee, and other drinks; the coffee and the tea are very popular too. Some places where go are The Cafť Mocha, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista and Theobroma.

On the contrary of the other cities of India, the attractive from Mumbai is that the city is more liberal about of alcohol, in fact, you can find bars in each street corner of Mumbai, but some places are restaurants too. Mumbai has two zones for bars; the small and dirty bars are in the western suburban areas of Bandra and Juhu, these bars are crowded by teenagers and young people, and the chic pubs and nightclubs situated in the south of Mumbai, the customers of these places in general are riches, business people, and famous stars.

Some places where you can go in Mumbai are Indigo, Opium Den, Totoís Garage Pub, The Bayview Bar, Hawaiian Shack and Club IX, and some discotheques where you can go to dance are ONIX and The Ghetto.

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