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The Mumbai city is the most populous metropolitan area with a population about 25 millions, this city has many faces in its organization, life style and places; like the movie stars and business man living in their mansion in Pali Hill and Juhu in contrast with the common people live in the suburbs crowded and multicolored. Mumbai is a good place for the business and great place for the films, there is located Indian’s Hindi Film and Television Industry, this industry made that the city was named Bollywood. The crowded streets, the traffic is other contrast with the open places like the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, or its lakes and rivers, all these things cause that Mumbai is a rare city.

Mumbai es la capital del Estado indio de Maharashtra, el estado miente en el al oeste la India, y la ciudad son localizados en la costa occidental de Meharashtra, en la Isla de Salsette; la ciudad es bordered por el mar de Omán por el oeste, en el sur y al este con el Bombay Hardbourd, y en el norte con el distrito de Thana. Y el estado de Maharashtra es rodeado por los estados de Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka y el Territorio de la Unión de Dadra y Nagar Haveli.

The multicultural city of Mumbai is home of various cultures and communities, and there arrives many kind of people such as musicians, traders, artists, movie stars, peasant, entrepreneurs, industrialists and executives, making that Mumbai is called the City of the Dreams. Each of one has his own culture, language and religion, in the city speaks languages like Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati, and professes Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Christian and Parsi religions.

The city has some cultural and tourists places like a he Gandhi Museum, Tow Hall, Marine Drive, The Gateway of India, Kanheri Caves at Borili, Bassein and Cheul. But the city is centre of the fashion and the discotheques, the Mumbai nights are very lively and glad that give other face in contrast with other cities of India, and artist of Bollywood spends his free time in Juhu Beach, or they have a party in some fashionable place of the Mumbai.

Mumbai has a strong economy; there are located financial institutions like Reserve Bank of India, National Stock Exchange of India, the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the corporate headquarters of many Indian Companies. And the port is very important around the country and in the southwest of Asia, there is handled the third part of the world commerce.

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