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India Travel Guide

Moving to India

Moving to India If you are looking for a country to explore or maybe find new business opportunities, India is a good alternative. Moving to India can be a great cultural experience too.

Regarding the economy of India, in recent years the country has grown, though generating unequal wealth for inhabitants. So donít be surprised to see two totally different lifestyles.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India; where Bollywood is located, a famous film city. Their films are known around the world. Mumbai has a very active lifestyle; the businesses are a very predominant activity in this location.

Delhi is the constitutional capital of India together with Bangalore. Usually Delhi and Bangalore are the destinations of foreign workers because of the many manufacturing companies. Currently, English is the language used for any type of business. The textile and agriculture industries have the highest rates of job offers. The progress of information and communication technologies in India is highly developed so you donít have to worry about being away from home, because you can make international calls at very low rates.

The best option to move is by working together with moving companies which can provide you with the facilities and make the process of moving easy. But you must be informed about the customs and normative.

Regarding the regulations for the transfer of possessions in India, herewith some details to take care of. Although the movers have more detailed information available. If you have a vehicle and want to take you can do it but will have to pay a certain amount of money as well as fulfill all requirements. If you have animals, the animal will only be accepted if you have certificates attesting the animal had its shots before the trip.

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