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Shopping in Margao

Shopping in Margao is an experience unforgettable; the markets are full of vendors, shoppers and especially full of colors of the products that there are offered. You can find fruit, vegetables, baked, beverages, foods, clothes, hardware, appliances, pots or handicrafts. The markets in Margao are an obliged stop for tourist, even if you don’t buy anything or aren’t interested in shop, just stroll around and you will enjoy; is amazing the variety of products and prices which range from cosmopolitan to designer’s boutiques to suit everybody’s pocket; but Margao has a bit of everything which is offered to her guests.

In Margao, the most famous market is “Margao New Market”, it is near of the bus stand, and you can get some antiques to a good bargain, souvenirs, handicrafts made of bamboo, straw grass, woodwork, pottery metal ware. Other textile are available too such as cotton sarongs, skirts, drawstring trouser, t-shirt, wide brimmed straw hats and bags, trinkets of hells and beats.

Other place that you could also visit is the fish market, where you can taste and smell fresh fish, and the ambience of the Goanese fish markets.

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