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Eating in Margao

The variety of foods that offers Margao is delicious and exotic; the cuisine of Margao is a mixture of the Portuguese influence by 450 years of colonization, the continental cuisine, Indian flavors and the local style. This mixture is reflected in the unique, richness and simplicity of Margao’s cuisine, which offers from spice foods, based in curry, vegetarian foods; other extraordinary style of Margao is the seafood, or the exquisite cuisine based in fish and coconut, for to appreciate the excellent cuisine of Margao you need to taste and eat Margao’s dishes.

The meat dishes are one of the specialties of the Margao’s cuisine, especially the famous Vindaloo, which is made of meat and fish, is a very hot and sour pork curry. Other dishes of meat are Soportel, Cabidela, Pork Balchao, Pork Assado, Roast Pigling, Spiced Pork Sausages, Chicken Galinha Cafreal, Chicken Coconut Curry, Feijoada and other dishes of meat.

Other specialty of the Goa’s cuisine is the dishes of fish, which is the basic ingredient in most of the dishes in Margao, the fish is fresh because the Arabian Sea is near and provides the bounty, generally, the fishing consists in king fish, mackerels, sardines, shark fish, squid, sting rays, small fishes, or the lower sea fish such as prawns, crabs, mussels, oysters and crayfish. The popular seafood dish is the “fish curry and rice”, but other delicious dishes offer the fabulous cuisine of Margao, dishes as Traditional Fish Curry, Sorak, Onion Fish Curry, Amottik Fish Curry, Crab Curry, Oyster Pie, Fish Temperate, Fish Recheiado, and many dishes of fish.

Soups are popular in Margao too, which began with serving of the Pez and rice gruel, accompanied by a piece of mango pickle, vegetables, beans and bits of meat or fish; this soup was served in all village families during the Portuguese rule and today is known as Sopa Grossa. Other popular soups are Caldo, Bolinas Queijo, Canja de Galinha, Shellfish soup, Caldo Verde, Sopa de Cenuova, and Sopa de Ervilhas.

Other delicacies such as Rissois de Camarao, Madare, Salt Fish Balls, Sannas, Rice Bread, Coconut Pulao, King Prawns, Stuffed Papads, and more are served in the restaurants from Margao.

In the city also offers international food, Continental, Chinese and fast food. You can find establishments such as MacDonals, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s, where you can get fast food, or if you prefer eat better you can go to the restaurants around Margao where serving international food, local specialties, continental, Chinese and other cuisines. Some restaurants of Margao are Longuinhos Restaurant , Ashayana Park, Food Affair Restaurant, Indiana Bar & Restaurant, Bombay Café, Hill view Hotel & Restaurant, Ratnadeep Bar & Restaurant, Woodshade Bar & Restaurant, Janata Hotel & Restaurant, Kamat Restaurant, Kitchen Art Restaurant, Plaza Bar & Restaurant, Casa Menino Bar & Restaurant, Gokuldas bar & Restaurant, Salcette Bar & Restaurant, Banjara Restaurant, Gaylin Bar & Restaurant, Hotel Saaji Restaurant, Megdoot Bar & Restaurant, Raissa's Chinese Pavilion, Royal Hotel Bar & Restaurant, Shree Damodar Restaurant, Tato Restaurant, and Venice Bar & Restaurant

Drinking in Margao

The Feni is the popular native alcoholic drink in Margao, existing two types of Feni; Coconut Feni which is made of toddy and the fermented sap of the coconut tree, the other type is the Cashew Feni that is made of fermented juice of the cashew fruit. Other cocktails are offered in bars, restaurants, pubs and others establishments, beverages such as Feni Cocktails, Sangria, Fidalgo’s Punch, The Goan Punch, Sun Kissed Cocktail, Holiday Sparkle, Sol de Orange, Tambre Maria or Bloody Mary, Frozen Pineapple, Song of Margao, and Orchata, and others.

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