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Kovalam is not only famous for its beaches; it also is for its mouthwatering cuisine that offers its delicious spicy and fried delicacies. Other specialty is the sea food, you can pick from the fresh fish, lobster, tiger prawns, crab and mussels, these are on display, in general the food is weighed, grilled over a charcoal fire, and the seafood is served with salad and chips. Although chicken, pasta and vegetarian options are widely available.

The ambience in the beachfront terraces of the restaurants and hotels are very convivial enough, however the price of the meals are expensive for fish, and more expensive for lobster and prawns; the service usually is slow, but you can wait the your meal drinking a beer, spirit or the local feni, the feni is a distilled palm wine, accompanied of music of soft reggae or Pink Floyd, nevertheless you must drink discreetly due to liquor restriction, that is imposed in Kerala, and for breakfast you can choose from any number of typically budget traveler cafés serving up the usual brown bread and muesli.

The western and Indian food is served in restaurants of the Kovalam, and also offers fresh seafood, that also is exotic, all accompanied of the beautiful view of the Sea, and some times with live music.

Some popular and good restaurants in Kovalan are Fusion, the Beatles, Coconut Grove, Rock Café, Coral Reef Café, German Bakery, Lonely Planet, Red Star, Sands of Dee, Santana, Sea View, Jasmine Bay and Swiss Café.

The nightlife in Kovalan is very laid back, an the people drink and play backgammon until the wee hours, some restaurants and cafés offer music near the beach and in other cases video nights, there someone will be offered you charas, but cannabis is illegal in Kerala, and in all Country of India, the local police always arrest to foreigners for its possessions.

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