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The magnificent monuments, palaces, temples, cenotaphs and other beautiful sightseeing places, make from Jodhpur the ultimate Royal Rajasthan experience. Some of these magnificent buildings are described below:

Mehrangarh Fort

The grandiose Fort built around the 15th century, by the Rao Jhoda, now located to 5 kilometers from the city, atop a steep sandstone hillock, on a 125 meters tall, is one of the most impressive and formidable structures, with its imposing turrets, and battlements creates a breathtaking panorama. Inside of the fort you can find delicate chiseled jails, exquisite friezes, stain-glass windows with vibrant colorful mosaic, stunning Zenana Palaces, sandstone porches, steep narrow stone stairs, interconnected hallways and corridors that lead to breathtakingly frescoed rooms. The Mehrangarh Fort with its eight gates is brilliant and intimidating. Inside of the fort is a series of courtyards and palaces. The palace apartments with marvelously carved panels, latticed windows have evocative names such as Sukh Mahal (Pleasure Palace), Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace), the Phool Mahal (Flower Palace) and the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors). These palaces house a fabulous collection of trappings of Indian royalty including a superb collection of palanquins, elephant howdahs (used when the Maharajas rode their elephants in processions), miniature paintings, musical instruments, costumes and furniture.

Umaid Bhawan Palace $ Museum

This Palace built during 15 years since 1929, the construction was ordered by Maharaja Umaid Singh, and was designed by the president of the British Royal Institute of Architects, the English architect Henry Vaughn Lancaster, who created the blueprint for the Umaid Bhawan Palace and J. S. Norbin, a talented designer from Poland, designed the vibrant interiors of this grand palace, More than 3000 workers and artisans work there, the palace was built under the famine relief project to provide employment for thousands of local people during a time of severe drought. This immense palace is known as the Chhittar because of the local Chhittar sandstone was used in its construction. The palace has more than 347 rooms, and is segregated into three sections, the Museum, the heritage hotel and the private wing that is still occupied by the royal family of Jodhpur.

Jaswant Thada

Located a one kilometer of distance from the Mehrangarh Fort, it was built around 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh to honor of his father the Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, Jaswant Thada was built in the Rajputana architecture style. The building comprises from the principal cenotaph built in 1899, was followed by the royal crematorium and three other cenotaphs that stand nearby. There is a exotic architectural friezes of marble latticework that adorns the entire Jaswant Thada.


An oasis in the desert, it was a flourishing desert town in the ancient times, located to 65 kilometers to north from Jodhpur, this place is famous for its temples, some of them are Jain Temples that date back to as far back as the 8th century, and there also find ancient clothes, ornament and fantastically carved sculptures. Other attraction of this place is a larger number of colorful frescoes representing the life and childhood feats of the hindu deity Lord Krishna.


This town was the ancient capital of Marwar, there you find cenotaphs of the Jodhpur rulers, and a hall of Heroes contains 15 figures carved out of a rock wall, other things as brightly painted figures represent Hindu deities, and a shrine of 33 Crore (330 million) Gods painted with figures of deities and spirits.

Sardar Samand Lake

Located to 63 kilometers from Jodhpur, has beautiful palace located on the banks of the spectacular Sadar Samand Lake, where you can view wild animals as the blackbuck, chinkara, and neelgai on your way to the lake.

Balsamand Lake and Palace

The area is cover by 300 acres of luxuriant greens in a valley ensconced with sandstone hills, has a palace built around of the 16th century, the mansion served as a summer palace for the Marwar Royalty, now is a luxury hotel.

And other several attractions has Jodhpur such as Baba Ramdeo Temple, Jsaniand Lake and Gardens, Mahamandir Temple, Kailana Lake, Dhawa, Nagaur, Rohit Fort, Luni Fort, and Guda Bishnoi Village.

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