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Eating & Drinking

In Jodhpur the food is offered for all taste and all budgets, the local specialties include “mawa sweets” and “dhood fini”, these sweets are prepared of wheat strands and milk. Other specialty is “mirchi bada” a chili in wheatgerm and potato, deep-fried like a pakora, this delicious food is originally from Jodhpur but is offered in other places. To try the famous Kachouri, it is a snack eaten with chutney; other delicious snack is laddoos, which is simply melt in your mouth, and remember to drink a tall glass of buttermilk or “lassi”.

The cuisine in Jodhpur is very famous and apart of specialties; the city has a number of delicates such as Makhaniya Lassi, Mawa Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori, Hot & Spicy Mirchibada, and Panchkuta. The sweets in Jodhpur are also famous, and in the city is tradition to have something sweet and then proceed on the main course, and the sweet hospitality of Jodhpur is known as Mithi Manuhar, other popular sweets are Mave ki Kachori, Besan ki Chaaki, and Maakhan Vade.

The restaurants in Jodhpur are very goods, and these offer local, regional and international cuisine, especially Chinese, Continental and Mughal cuisine. Some restaurants where you can go to eat are: Janta Sweet Home, Jodhpur Sweet Home, Pokhar Sweets, Kalinga, Mid Town, Agarwal lodge, Jodhpur Coffee House, Uttam Restaurant, Gypsy, Chicken Corner, Rajasthali, Mansarovar, Mangalam, Reggie's Resaurant, Tandoori Nights, Frigo, Agra Sweet Home Sojati Gate Poklar Sweet Home, Fort View, Josi's, Marwar, Mirshi Lal, On the Rocks, The Pillars and Poonam.

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