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The city is located in the Western side of Rajasthan State, to 332 kilometers from Jaipur, 597 kilometers from New Delhi, is the second largest city, after Jaipur in the State. Jodhpur is known by many names such as “Sun City” by its bright color, “Blue City” by its houses painted of blue, before the color only was used in the Brahmins houses, but now is used in all houses of Jodhpur, for to deflect the heat and keep mosquitoes away, other name for the city is “Gateway to Thar”, because the city is literally on the edge of the Thar Desert. And formerly the city was called Marwar, and was the seat of the princely state of the same name.

The city offers to the tourist many sightseeing places as beautiful palaces, forts, gardens and temples, and other place to make tourist and trek through the desert is the Thar Desert. The citadel inside the fort is fenced by 10 kilometers of long wall, and the fort has eight gateways that face to various directions. The fort is erected in the top of the rocky hill to 125 meters above the plains, this fort built around of the 15th century, has palaces, havelis and many bastions.

The city was founded in 1459, by Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, who claimed be descent from Rama, the epic hero of the Ramayana; the city also provide alive the history grandeur, folk dances, exquisite handicrafts and the brightly attired people lend a romantic aura. The life style of the city is unusually fascinating with folks wearing lovely multihued costumes, artistically designed.

Jodhpur is a great center for trading; the handicrafts industry grew greatly during last years, especially in the export of the furniture, and other items. The Mathania red Chilies is the representative agricultural product, and the city is an important for wool and agricultural products.

The Marwar festival is the most important in Jodhpur, it is celebrated each year dedicated to brings to life; there are a very scene of the magic. The climate in Jodhpur is hot and dry, typical of the desert, the best time to visit Jodhpur is between November and March, and the weather is pleasant with sunny days.

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