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The desert of Thar is located in the northern state of Rajasthan, it offers you an incredible and magic Camel Safari, travel through the barren sands and desertscape; the Camel Safari is wonderful way to travel in the sturdy ship of the desert, if you like to have an unimaginable trek around Thar desert, in Jaisalmer you can get the opportunity of to take one, but you should check the reservation before leaving for your desert safari trip.

To enjoy treks in camel you need both skill and imagination, so, you can explore the mirage of the desert, bearing the sandstorms, sore backsides, and camel farts aside. But the safari is great fun to travel in the desert, generally leisurely and ideal way to spend time exploring the rustic and Royal Rajasthan, taking the desert routes that make you visit villages, ancient temples, magnificent palaces, abandoned fortresses and exotic wildlife through the sandy wilderness and the expanse of the Thar Desert. In Safaris the best time for traveling are the coolers parts of the day, the morning and the evenings.

Jaisalmer offers you Camel Safaris that are well organized with imagination in the vast Thar Desert of Rajasthan, offering you different Safaris in days and prices, so, the prices varying from 200 rupees to 1500 rupees per night. The safaris are during 4 days, 2 weeks or more, the safaris are well equipped and the tourists have good accommodations in the travel, but the trip depends of the kindness of the guide, how big is the group, and the expectations that you have. Many freelance camel owners offer the services by low prices, but the grown demand make the prices are high with poor services. Other manner for Camel trek is hiring the service in agency or in hotel that offer safaris. In general the less you spend the less you get.

In the travel you can see performances on the sand dunes, enjoy of the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks.

In the desert the climate is very hot and the weather is extremely, for these reason is recommendable to wear cotton clothes because you tend to sweat, and loose fitted and wear shoes, you should try of donít expose your skin as much as possible to avoid the sun burn, and carry a good backup of plenty of portable water to avoid dehydration, sun screen, a broad brimmed hat, sun protection lotion, goggles, and a first aid kit.

Is possible take a safari in jeep, it is more comfortable and take few days, but not offer the adventure of the Camel Safari.

Some routes for Camel Safari are: Camel Safari in Jaisalmer Belt, Half Day Safari (3 hours), Full Day Safari and Over Night, or 2 Nights to 15 nights Safari By Camel and Jeep.

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