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The pass of the years, the climate and the consumption of water are tragic for Jaisalmer. Since Rawal Jaisal founded the city in 1156, many people had lived there wasting along the time some buildings, and maybe the new constructions and advanced technologies as the electricity disfigured and ruined the Jaisalmer Fort, but that isnít the principal problem. The growing tourism, population and the water are the real trouble for this magnificent construction. Other big enemy for the city that was erected on a base of soft clay, sand and sandstone is the water, that growing with the tourism, and with more than 120 liters per head carried by aged pipes that not support these quantity of water, made that the base of the citadel is eroding rapidly, this quantity of water that now is carried by the pipes is more than the water that was carried eighteen years ago.

But in 1994, the salvation for the citadel was in the hand of the England journalist Sue Carpenter, who began an international campaign called Jaisalmer in Jeopardy (JiJ). The resources of the foundation was dedicated to restoration of the Maharaniís Palace, and other luxury buildings of traditional architecture too, and many houses was being stabilized, facades repaired, and seams of grey cement replaced with traditional material, The Indian National Trust for Art an Cultural Heritage (INTACH) spent more than $100.000 in this project too. Now several buildings are well stabilized but the jeopardy even is present for many of the other constructions of the Jaisalmer Fort. If you like to know more or help to the institution you can see its page in

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