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Jaisalmer Travel Guide

Jaisalmer Travel Guide

The Jaisalmer city is situated in the State of Rajasthan, in the western frontier of India. The city is known as the “Golden City” too, is very popular by its proximity to the Thar Desert and its Desert Safaris, one of the Jaisalmer’s attractions where many people have an incredible and amazing experience, if you want to have an unique adventure, Jaisalmer is the place for the best experience that you have never had.

The other impressive attraction is the Jaisalmer’s Fort, it is a beautiful marvel of a splendid culture, that was built in the middle of the desert in harsh climatic conditions. The old city was encircled by walls that to covered all city, now some of those walls are fall down because is utilized for new buildings. Even so, the city still is a great live fort; inside of the citadel you can find jain Temples yet, old Palaces, markets, banks near of the gateway, offices, monuments, several shops and beautiful havelis which were built by ancient wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer, his streets are a burrow and narrow, and its buildings give it a beautiful aspect like if the might maybe be covered of the golden. The hostile terrain, the warmth and the desert are simply overwhelming to the people that live there.

The citadel and the fort were founded in 1156 by Rawal Jaisal a Bhatti Rajput, who change to Jaisalmer the city from his old fort Luderwa, to 15 kilometers from Jaisalmer, because the old fort was bulnerable, and choose the Tricut Hills for his citadel, the place was the best because was well situated, by there passed the main trade route linking to Africa, Arabia, Egypt, Persia and the West from Delhi and other places from the India’s east.

During the 12th century, the place was very prosperous still the 13th century, when the Ala Ud Din Khilji Emperor of Delhi conquered the fort, in the decisive battle, the women committed Jauhar, an act of the mass self immolation, while the men fight desperate certainly until the death. Later, when the British invaded India, the city was the last in to sign an Agreement with the British.

The best time to visit the city is from January to February, during the Desert Festival, where you apart of to have an adventure in the desert and in the Fort, you can see beautiful folk dances, exciting competitions and contest, especially the turban raying contest.

Jaisalmer Travel Guide

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