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Shopping in Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur is an unforgettable experience, the handicraft items and other art items are available for you, before these items are made only for the Kings and Queens. The famous color textiles, leather wares, art crafts and handicrafts items are available in the colorful markets which make of Jaipur a vibrant and lively place for shoppers. The markets are very crowded of sellers and shoppers that walk viewing the variety of items and beautiful handicraft.

The colorful bazaars offer to the tourist enjoyable opportunity for shopping items that was made there, these items show the culture of the vibrant region, in some cases unique items are offered there and you can get a work of art. The beautiful dyed textiles are the proud of the region, and those are very colorful as well as that the city of Jaipur is called the Pink City.

You also can get Blue Pottery, Kundan Jewelery and Silver Jewerly, or clothes called Bandhini, Jaipur Lightweight, delicate art of floral sprigs, miniature handcrafted elephant, horses and camels.

Some places where you can go to shop in Jaipur are: Jauhari Bazar (Jewerly, art crafts), Bapu Bazar and Nehur Bazar (textiles, local perfumes and shoes), M.I. Road (jewellery, textiles, to blue pottery, to woodwork, etc), Tripolia Bazar and Chaura Rasta (textiles, untensils, ironware and trinkets), Ramganj Bazar (shoes or jutis), Kishanpol Bazar (tie and dye textiles), Maniharon Ka Rasta (lac bangles and other items), Subhash Chowk (carpets), Khajanewalon Ka Rasta (marble carving), Saganer village (block printing, hand-made paper and blue pottery) and Market of Jaipur (variety of items).

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