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The history of Jaipur is no long, by to be a young state, but the starts of the State date from the earlier eleventh century, founded by Dulaha Raya, the governor of clan Kachwaha, who conquered the land of Jaipur from the local Meenas and Bargujar Rajput chiefs. Later, the Mughal Empire ruled in the area, and the states was governed by the most distinguished generals such as Raja Man Singh I and Jai Singh II, the latest was called Sawai Jai Singh too, this title he gained in the wars of Shah Jahan and awarded by Aurangzeb, and mean “one and a quarter times superior to his contemporaries”.

Sawai Jai Singh II a famous mathematician and astronomer, was ruler of Jaipur when the Mughal Empire was disintegrated. He and his architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya founded the Jaipur City; they founded and planned the new city because the previous capital, Amber had problems with the increase of the population. Amber is located 11 kilometers from Jaipur, and Amber was the capital before of Jaipur, of the state founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh around the 18th century.

During this time the armies of Jaipur were in constant state of warfare, and the Jats and the chief of Alwar declared the independence of their states from Jaipur; the internal power-struggles and the conflict with the Jats, Marathas, other Rajput states, the Pindaris and the British marked this period of the wars history of Jaipur. When the British colonized India, Jaipur through the Maharaja Sawai Jagat Singh signed a treaty with the General Governor of the British, the Marquis Wellesley, after, the treaty was dissolved by the new Governor Cornwallis, but they signed other treaty for an alliance, after of this facts the state was well governed and prospered.

During the independence, the Maharaja respecting the treaty and send troops to help to the British in the sepoys rebellion. Later, when the independence of India succeeds, the city became in the capital of Rajasthan, because the Maharaja of Jaipur Sawai Man Singh acceded the state to the Government of India.

Now Jaipur is one of the beautiful cities in India, where you can find forts and palaces perfectly in shape, is a place where is well preserved the Jainism, and is a centre of the trade and business in the region.

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