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Getting Jaipur

Getting There

By Air

The Sanganer Airport is the name of the Jaipur Airport. It is located to 11 kilometers from the city center, and is well connected with Delhi (40 minutes), Mumbai (1 hour 30 minutes), Jodhpur (45 minutes), Udaipur (1 hour 40 minutes), Aurangabad (2 hours 20 minutes), and some other cities of India. Indian Airlines, Jet Airway and domestic carriers operate in regular flights.

By Rail

In Jaipur are two railway stations Jaipur and Durgapura, and Indian Railways connects well to Jaipur with the major cities of India, the train service connects to Jaipur with Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Secunderabad daily, other trains frequently travel to Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Kanpur. The trains are cheapest, fast and air-conditioned; some express services are available in Jaipur.

By Bus

National Highway 8 connects Jaipur with Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai; and National Highway 11 connects Agra and Bikaner. The road to Delhi is the finest in India, and other roads and National Highway connect well to Jaipur with other parts of India. The bus service to Jaipur is excellent, especially the AC and Deluxe service from Delhi.

Getting Around

By Taxi

Taxis are available in Jaipur and to difference of other cities from India, those haven't meters, for take one you should agree the price with the drivers before, or ask your hotel about it. The cost of taxis is depending of the distances, and you can take one by half day to 600 rupees, or all day by 12000 rupees.

By Hired Car

These services are available with driver, it is expensive, but you can visit many sightseeing places in short time and comfortable, the services are offered by hotels and recognized travel agency, the latter options is cheaper. The service is the better option if you want to have a good trip around the city.

By Rickshaw

It is the cheaper form of travel around the city, the auto-rickshaw are available always, although them have meter, it is ignored often, and the basic price per kilometer is 4.50 rupees, and if you travel to long distances, the minimum price is 10 rupees; other form of travel by these services is taking it by hours, one hour costs about 30 rupees, and after 11 pm, the price go up about 50%.

Other manners of travel around Jaipur are by Bicycle and Motorcycle, these are offered by hotels or independent people, and the cost is around 30 rupees per hour.

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