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Jaipur has a excellent cuisine, is also called land of Princes, the royal kitchens of Rajasthan kingdom offer many kind of dishes and fine gastronomy, the food have complex preparation, and was raised to the levels of an art form. The recipes the royal cooks (the Khansamas) carefully were kept and passed to his descendents and today passed to the chefs and heads of kitchen of the hotels.

The cuisine in Jaipur is war-like lifestyle of the medieval Rajasthan, cooks prefer milk, buttermilk and clarified butter instead the water, and use the ingredients of the region, for their foods. But there are present multicuisine restaurants where you can eat Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes.

What Eat in Jaipur?

Dal Batti Churma, is the Rajasthan specialty, wholesome food, is made of Dal or lentil curry, with Batti, a roundel of stuffed flour that is baked in a charcoal fire or oven. Choorma is a sweet dish made with flour, jaggery or sugar and ghee.

Mawa Kachori, delicious sweet that is a Kachori filled with mawa and sugar syrup.

Ghewar, is a sweet very popular in the festivals of Gangaur and Teej, consist in deep-fried, and has varieties as plain, desi dhee and mawa.

Mirchi Bada, this sweet is delicious and is made of chillies dunked in besan and deep-fried.

Rajasthani Subji, this is a traditional meal, and is essential in the lunch of Jaipur.

Chapati/Roti, the variety of rotis is immense, many kind of rotis are there such as Bajre Ki Roti, Makki Ki Roti, Jau-Channa Ki Roti, Besan Ki Roti, Cheelra, Paratha, Puri, Methi Puri, Rumali Roti, etc.

Where Eat in Jaipur?

Jaipur has excellent and quality restaurants, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, and offer many kind of cuisine each one with its specialty, some places where you can go to eat are: Annapurna (Gujrati Cuisine), Anokha Gaon (Rajasthani ethinic food), Chanakya (Snack, Rajasthani thalis), Chitra Café (Vegetarian, sweets), Copper Chimney (International), Chowki Dhani (Rajasthani ethinic food), Four Seasons (Indian), Indian Coffee House (Snacks), Lassiwalla (multicuisine), LMB (Rajasthani ethinic food), Mediterraneo (Pizzas, Pastas), Natraj (Multicuisine), Niro’s (Continental/Indian), Surya Mahal (Indian, Paneer butter masala), Rawat Misthan Bhandar (Sweets), and Pizza Hut (Itallian Pizzas).

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