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Indian music considers the sound as the manifestation of God (Brahma) from ancient times; this is the reason why it has had an important value in the Indian culture, placing it above other arts such as architecture, painting and sculpture. The Hindus through music reflect a devotional sense with quite strong connections between religion and their faith, because they were the first to develop a musical system based on philosophical and metaphysical concepts, dating back 3000 years ago.

The music of India uses a high degree of improvisation as well as Arabic music, because of its sophisticated musical system, both in rhythm and melody. Wherever you see, benefits of music and its variations, the Indian music is part of people's daily lives. Some of these musical variations are the Carnatic and the Hindustani music which are part of the Indian classical music and they are used for dance dramas.

Benefits of music

The Carnatic music or Carnatic sangeet represents to the southern part of the India and it emphasizes on vocal music and mainly sung through compositions; the Carnatic songs are known as kritis which generally consists of three units: Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charana.

The Hindustani music represents the north Indian style also called as Shastriya Shangeet; its principles consist of up to seven scale degrees or more commonly swara. The raag and taal are two fundamental elements of this kind of music. Raags express melodic structure, thus a unique feature of Hindustani classical music are the scales and the melodic patterns associated with moods, seasons, colors and hours of day and night.

The Ghazals and the Thumris are variations of the classical music and they are the peculiarity of being lighter. Ghazal is a today conceived as an Urdu song and traces its roots in classical Arabic poetry. The Thumris has a romantic and devotional in nature context, also it is characterized by its sensuality and sung in Hindi and Urdu too.

Seeing these large of variations, we may conclude that if you want to be a professional and follow a musical career, it would be easy, do not hesitate that you will find music jobs (there are many freelancer jobs available for musicians) based on your own profile, being a native Indian or not, but above all appreciating the beauty and the sacred meaning or Indian music present in all of its public, private and religious activities.

Music jobs

Taking into account that music, harmony and beauty are linked closely, definitely we have mentioned that some beauty schools in India recommends to students taking music programs as part of its schedules of entertainment through dance classes and even play an instrument, just a complement of their daily lives.

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