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Health care in India

Health care in India Few people have serious problems when they visit India, but a lot of visitors get ill in India. When you visit India, you must be careful about the water you drink and what you eat, and maybe you can travel through the country with nothing worse than a mild dose of “Delhi belly”. A poor diet lowers your resistance; ensure you eat balance of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, and stay in reasonably clean hotels. Your alimentation is important, you can eat fish, eggs, pulses, rice and curd to obtain protein, vegetables get you vitamin, and fruit is a source from vitamins and mineral. The food in India has many sweats and maybe you can put whit extra salt on your food, and drink enough water, if you think in this recommendations you will have a good chance of remaining healthy.

Common precaution in India can be exaggerated, but a few common-sense precautions are in order. The first recommendations is the immunizations, even the inoculations aren't legally required for entry into India, a jab to prevent the meningitis, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, and tetanus are recommended; and also carry pills too prevent malaria, but few vaccines give 100% protection. And is best to receive your vaccinations approximately two weeks before your departure date, is the necessary time to take effect and give you time to recover from any side effects. Some common diseases of India are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Cholera, Typhoid, Polio, Diphtheria, Rabies, Malaria, dengue, diarrhea, dysentery, rubella, TB and Tetanus.

Other recommendations are that you must be aware of health risks such as poor hygiene, untreated water, mosquito bites and undressed open cuts, some of these risks wouldn’t be encountered in Europe or North America and the common diseases in India are rarely found in the western countries. The potential diseases one can contract can seem frightening, but most people will not encounter anything more than an upset stomach. But you must have aware when any disease is suspected, is important to see a doctor if you feel sick.

Medical centers in India are available especially in the major cities, but hasn’t the facilities that are offered in European countries or in United States. Nevertheless, in the metros of India, private medical cares are available, but the attention in these establishments is very expensive. India has many qualified doctors, especially in the treatments of tropical diseases, because they have more experience with these diseases, and often a doctor in India is better than a doctor in your home country. Private Clinics and Mission Hospitals are often better than governments hospitals, but are some expensive, and in these hospitals you need to pay for X-rays, medicines, plaster casts and vaccines. However government hospitals provide all surgical and after care services free of charge, or with so low charges.

Another inconvenient that you can have, is when you go to the Himalayas, where you may develop symptoms of acute mountain sickness, just to around 4000 meters, is not dangerous and the simple cure is descent and you will feel better; the serious cases are rare, the cause is the altitude, the little oxygen, and also lower atmospheric pressure. Other big trouble in India is the AIDS, which increasing rapidly and now is considered a national problem; you must be careful with this disease.

Some treatment that you can receive in India is the Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient medicine for controlling your diet and take herbal medicine, and you can cure or avoid most diseases with this treatment. But you should find a good doctor and renowned place to receive the treatment. Other possibility is the Alternative Medicine, which use Tibetan treatment based in herbal methods and is recommended.

A variety of schools and institutions offer training in traditional medical practice, so if you want to get a traditional treatment, you will find many medical practitioners throughout the country which are going to help you.

Learn a health career

Medical   schools

Medical schools in India

Today the medical community of India is very skilled and their medical teams compete with the best in the world. It has a quality healthcare system. The medical schools in India have the principal objective to form professionals that have a good ethical conduct and know how to treat and diagnose their patients. There are many medical schools universities that offer courses of anatomy, histology, embryology, cell biology, etc. You can also find specialization courses such as: medical clinic, pediatrics, mental health, gynecology, surgery and public health.
Nursing   schools

Nursing schools in India

The correct definition for a nurse would be: “the vertebral column of the hospitals” and that is why nurses play an important role in the recovery of a patient. Both, the nurse and the doctor have the purpose of improve the health of the patients. Currently, in India, the demand for nurses has grown, and there is a high growth in the health sector. In Indi, there are about 500 schools that provide education to students in the field of nursing. Nursing schools offer many courses such as: military nursing, obstetrics and general nursing, and they also provide all the tools  for you to have a bright and secure career.
Pharmacy   schools

Pharmacy schools in India

Here at our pharmacy schools in India, we provide wide information to perform your profession in various fields as a pharmacist. They offer several courses such as: food science, pharmacology, photochemistry, research toxicology; courses that will provide integration and career development. Today, pharmaceutical care in India is very frequent and it is characterized to be hospitable, responsible, honest and it is connected with the globalization, science and technology advancements.
Dental schools

Dental schools in India

Are you dreaming of becoming a dentist? If so, dental schools in India offer programs and courses in various specializations such as: maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, endodontic, pathology, oral surgery, rehabilitation and assistant courses in oral health. The country of India had a large number of educational institutions that offer courses in the areas of: technicians and assistants in oral health and pre-dental courses; we believe that these courses and programs give you the tools that you need to work in the field of dentistry.

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