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Communications in India

The communication in India is largely developed, and is on a par with the best in the World, the different modes of communication in the country easily overcome the vast distances of the country, and also communicate to India with the rest of the world.


India has a highly developed network of telephone lines, is the largest in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. The telephone system was opened to private players in the 1990s. In June of 2007, India counts with 225.21 million of telephone subscribers of wireless and landlines, and also has 40.09 million of landline which is administered principally by BSNL/MTNL and Reliance Inforcomm, although there are several other private players as Touchtel and Tata Teleservices. The competence in the telephony service forced the communication to become more efficient, because India has one of the best landline networks, and you can find one phone almost in every road which offers all types of calls. In addition the fax service is available in all country, and at 24 hours a day.

Mobile Cellular

The other option to communicate in India is buying a cellular phone, it mode of communication isn’t the old means but with the imagination of the people have had a rapid development, with the innovative offers like prepaid cards from telecom service operators, the mobile service has had phenomenal growth since 2000. And now you can buy sim card of the local area, get it activated and will be in contact with your family and friend through calls and sms. The most important cellular mobile telephone service providers are Airtel, Reliance Infocomm, Hutch, Idea cellular and BSNL/MTNL, these providers dominate the market and operate an estimated of 160 million of mobile phones.

Postal Service

Letters still are the principal mode of communication especially in rural areas of India, the postal service of India is excellent and is one of the biggest and most experienced services in the world. In fact, the postal service has been divided into twenty-two portal circles, and one Base Circle that serves to the Armed Forces, and Indian postal service also offers Airmail services to Europe, Australian, America and Africa.


This mode of communication was established in India in 1856, principally was used by the government and the armed forces, but now is available all around the country, where even phone lines did not reach. It is a quick mean of communications, but is disappearing because telephone lines and wireless communication has a quick develop and is more efficient.

Courier Services

Almost all cities on India have this service, and it is a safe mode of communication, and necessary when you don’t want to wait for the correspondence by long time or if you need receiving an important document with urgency, and is faster than the Postal Service.

Internet and Email

This mode of communication is the base for the developed of India, not only in communication, it is fundamental for the economy of the country; India is major exporter of computers programs and is well developed in the communication by internet, or via mail, which is the most popular and common mode of communication between Indian people. Almost in all towns of India especially in the tourist towns have internet and email facilities accessible to the general public, usually at cybercafés, which offers internet services at minimal cost, but some times it is slow.

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