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Golf Courses in India

Golf Courses in India There are two very different types of golf in India, where the separation of classes is very marked, handmade improvised golf clubs played on the streets, and professional golf. India offers varied opportunities for golf lovers. You can play golf almost anywhere.

The very first steps

To enjoy golf, is important to know that every game has a purpose and this purpose is not just hitting the ball. Some golf tips from experienced players may come in handy.

Golf Courses in India

India gives you a large number of possibilities to enjoy golf. The capital city of New Delhi holds the New Delhi Golf Club, one of the more traditional alternatives for this sport. In Bombay, we find the Bombay Presidency Golf Club is one of the most professional fields. India offers many clubs for golf courses.

Know your Price Limit

It is very important that you know how much you are willing to invest in a golf course. You’ll find golf courses are very competitive on this regard.

Make Sure Your Goals and Commitment Match

It is very important that you set a realistic objective, know what are your goals and strive to meet them. India is a great destination for golf, you can relish on the sport in beautiful fields, some, even decorated with ancient statues.

Private Lessons vs. Golf Schools

Private golf lessons will be much more expensive but are also worthwhile investments, while golf schools can be found in every city of India.

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