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Indian internal railway system is the largest rail system in Asia and the second largest in the world, almost 63,000 kilometers of railway line and more than 7,000 stations. India has over 11,000 locomotives, including 5000 steam engines, with over 12,000 million of passengers traveling every day, and 1.6 million staff, which makes it the world’s biggest employer. Indian railway offers six classes of travel: first-class air conditioned, second-class air conditioned, second-class sleeper, third class air conditioned and air conditioned chair car.

The journey by train in India is an experience unforgettable, maybe some times can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but the Indian railways system is deservedly legendary and Indian rail travel is unlike any other sort of travel in the earth, and it is also an integral part of the Indian travel experience. The cobweb of trunk is a system which looks like chaos, but it works, and well. Some times the train is late, but they do run, and with amazing efficient too.

Other important thing for the travel in train is the purchase of tickets, which you must do this reservation in advance, especially during peak holiday season, you must make your ticket reservation some advance planning, or alternatively, you can make ticket reservation through your hotel or an agent. For more information about travel in railway, routes, availability, and prices, you can visit, where also you can do your reservation early; it counts with online ticket reservation and has an efficient mode to control trains.

Indian Railways also offers special trains for tourist and people who want to travel with luxury, you can find trains such as The Palace on Wheels, which travel through Rajasthan; it is extraordinary decorated in Edwardian style, very luxurious with 14 carriages, with all comforts of a hotel, including room service, four channel music and telephone intercom throughout the train, tariff includes cost of the travel, full catering, elephant, camel and more interesting things to do. Other special train is Royal Orient Express; this train is a luxury mode to travel through Rajasthan and Gujarat, in eight day of travel in furnished carriages with lounge, minibar and kitchenette. The Deccan Odyssey is other luxury train known as The Palace On Wheels of Maharashtra, with the same comforts. Other excellent trains in India are: Fairy Queen, The Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Konkan Express.

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