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The representative motorcycle in India is an Enfield Bullet, apart from this classic; motorcycle has become a popular pastime, but is not without its hazards. With one motorbike you can go wherever that you want, and it is a good mode of transport for avoids the traffic of the city.

To cross India in motorcycle is incredible invigorating and offers the freedom to go when and where you desire. You can rent a motorbike in almost in all cities especially in the tourist cities, but the quality of the motorcycles is never assured, other inconvenient is the maintained, unless that you know some about maintenance can be a nightmare.

Other possibility is the buying of a motorbike in India is a much more reasonable proposition, if you like the classic, you can choose an old British classic, the Enfield Bullet in its 350 model. On the Tamil Nadu coast, exactly in Pondicherry, it is sold cheapest, but you need check this and know something about motorcycles, and is recommendable review several motoring magazines for details. If the price is important for you, is available a smaller model, perhaps even a moped or a scooter, and many Japanese motorbikes such as Vespas and Lambrettas, which now are made in India. Or in some times you can get easily and bought secondhand motorcycles.

Between others information, if you like of the adventure, in India are offered many motorbike tours, which are goods mode of to know India. Some agencies that offer this service are: Blazing Trails, Classic Bike Adventure "Casa Tres Amigos", Himalayan Motorcycle Tours, and Himalayan Roadrunners.

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