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The network of the National Highway of India connect all parts of the country, buses go more or less everywhere, and is particularly useful where trains don’t go such as most Himalayan valleys and mountainous region; although, trains are the definitive form of transport in India, and many people prefer the trains service because are more comfortable than buses. The buses are more frequent than the service of trains and go where trains have inconvenient, or buses are simply faster such as in large area of Rajasthan and northern Bihar. Buses are the only way to get to Kashmir and the best way to get to Nepal from Uttar Pradesh.

For travel in bus you can have many options, such as take the government state-run buses or private buses, still in both companies of buses you can choose different services as ordinary, express, semi-luxe, deluxe, deluxe air condition, and even deluxe sleeper. Even the description give you an idea about the level of comfort, no always this is correct; for example “ordinary” buses generally have a minimally padded, bench-like seats with upright backs; “deluxe” service some times means luxury, and in other times the bus past its sell-by date. And qualities of buses vary from state to state, and private buses cover large trunk routes between large cities, towns, tourist places and resort. Private buses also are more comfortable, expensive and faster than government service, and some buses have a video or music system, but you must ask when you are booking.

The bad things about travel in bus are that usually is crowded, cramped, slow and uncomfortable, especially in public service, where you often need to negotiate, for board a bus, and generally don’t get a seat to travel. During journey, the buses stop in many places where people raise and lower and you can’t sleep during the trip because Hindi pop music blares from the tinny speakers. And in some routes the road is bad, and statistically most dangerous in the world, this because is suicidal the chaos and traffic of the Indian roads.

Getting a bus ticket is another experience, usually is quick and when you buy your ticket, there indicate you the registration of the bus, and a seat number; in other cases isn’t necessary buy a ticket, so you have to be sharp to secure a seat, if you travel with your partner is recommendable that one of you guard the luggage while you or your partner storms the bus search of a seat. But exists service of Buses Express that make few stops and always you have a seat to travel, and the service is well worth paying extra. For some services as Express and Deluxe you need to make advance reservation, especially in private buses. In many bus stations have a separate women’s reservation, but it is not obvious because the sign never is in English, and if you get one, maybe you can get almost immediate service. Luggage is other thing that needs care, private buses offer security for 5 extra rupees; however, in the state-buses your bags usually squeeze it into an unobtrusive corner, or some times it travel on the roof, and you must be carefully with your bags because these buses are not secure, especially during some stop in route.

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