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India Travel Guide

By Boat

In India you can find ships, boats and ferries, ferries are local transport such a bus but by water, it mode of transport is viewed especially in Calcutta, where the sunderbans in delta region of the south of Calcutta is only accessible by boat. India also has several international ports on its peninsula such as Mumbai, Chenai, Cochin, Calicut and others. Ship gives service from Calcuta and Chenay to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, which is managed by Shipping Corporation of India, for more information visits Other luxury service is offer from Conchin and Calicut to the Lakshadweep Islands ( for details). These services are offered during the best seasons, and are usually suspended in monsoon times. Other special service is the catamaran, which goes between Mumbai to Goa, and other particularly attractive boat journey is “backwater trip”, excursion made in the vicinity of Conchin in Kerala and operating between Alappuzha and Kollam; several local tours are available there.

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