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Bicycles in India are a great way to get around town or in some places be hired for a pittance, in many ways it is the ideal form of transport, cheaper and independent. Since Dervla Murphy’s Full Tilt, the tours in bicycle increasing trickle and many times travelers have done this adventurous overland trip, nevertheless, long distance cycling is not for the faint of heart or weak of knee, you will require physical endurance to cope with the roads, traffic and climate.

If you go to India and will want to do the bicycle trip around the country, you can bring your own modern bike from abroad, which doesn’t require carnet or special paperwork, but you have a little problem, the spare part and accessories are difficult of get, but is possible get accessories of different sizes and standards, and you may have to improvise. And is recommendable bring basic spares and tools, and a pump.

Other possibility is buying a bike, this doesn’t present any difficulty, almost in all cities and towns have cycle shops and even cycle markets. If you buy a bike in India, your advantage will be that you can get spare part easily, and you will never remained stranded, the disadvantage is that the local bikes tend to be heavier and less state-of-the-art than ones from abroad.

For your trip in bicycle around India be a great adventure and a wonderful experience, always make inquiries before venturing off road, and read Dervla Murphy’s Full Tilt – From Dunkirk to Delhi on a Bicycle, Lloyd Sumner's The Long Ride and Bettina Selby's Riding the Mountains Down: A Journer hi Bicycle to Kathmandu. Or do the contact with your local cycling club may also be able to help with information and advice. And you will enjoy of the inimitable opportunities that offer India, such as high-altitude passes and rocky dirt tracks, smooth-surfaced highways, coastal routes through lush coconut palms, meandering country roads through picturesque tea plantations and more.

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