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India Travel Guide

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India is a big country where the variety of beautiful places have made of this a great destination for tourist, where you see ornate temples, golden palaces, hundreds of gods, peaceful beaches, majestic mountains, and more. India is a vast region to travel where to cover the country can be difficult and might take you many time; you need to limit your travel to one region: north, south, east or west. Each region offers you many attractions, and things to do such as camel trips, Ayurveda, backwaters travel, elephant trips and more, that stamp the India's passion, vibrancy and energy in your memory.

India also has four major metros, and many cities for visit, the major metros of the country are Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai, and other cities of interest. You also taste the delicious Indian cuisine that has its own style in each region, such as the seafood in the coastline, the vegetarian in the north, exquisites delicates in the west, and several Indian and abroad multicuisine recipes. You can also feel and see the Indian life style, the culture, the folklore and religions of this multicultural country; Dabawallahs, Calcutta rickshaws pulled by men, the classical Ambassador vehicle, the desert towns of Rajasthan and their custom, the performance of the Kathakali, and its several festivals are some examples of the rich culture of India.

If you go with the open mind, you will never be bored in this land of diversity, and maybe return with a full heart, of a great trip around of Indian subcontinent. More details about each region in India are showed below.


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