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Education in India

Education in India India has a worldwide reputation for being the 2nd most populated country and the 4th economy. Located in the South Asia, India has a great education standard. Furthermore 35% of the doctors in the United States are from India and 30% of NASA’s scientists are from India too.

It is possible that the education system of this country is the most advanced system in the world, because its government establishes strong policies to promote free education. There Indian population enjoys of high education level. There children of 2 years old learn how to count numbers from 1 to 20, and at the age of 3 they learn basic computer knowledge about computers. Moreover at the age of 5 they learn how to write an essay of 1 page in English language and also to multiply numbers.

Since the education in India is based on Mathematics and English, most of their students are bilingual. On the other hand Indian people think that intellectual elite is necessary in the country in order to boost country development.

Superior Education in India is not free and has changed over the years. Nowadays universities and polytechnics are the most important educational institutions in India. Most university courses and polytechnics courses are based in technology and information. These important politics were established by Rajeev Gandhi son of Indira Gandhi. For further information you can have a look at university rankings of India on the internet, there you will find the most important Universities such as Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Mumbai, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in Kanpu, University of Delhi in Delhi inter alia.

To sum up superior education in this country meet its society’s needs. The importance of Business schools in India has grown lately because of its huge economic development. On the other hand Business schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree and diploma courses in management. Usually these institutions provide their graduates with great job opportunities in large companies. If you are looking for a business school in India then you should have a look at the top-ranking of Business schools.

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