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Delhi has a long ancient history, with indigenous towns, its wars and big own and foreign rulers. Each ruler has his own style, architecture and culture. Along the time several cities were built, some sources says that these were seven, others says eight and fifteen was constructed on others and destructed for its wars. These facts caused that Delhi becomes a metamorphic collage where modern Delhi is today.

The History of Delhi begins in the first millennium BC, since immemorial times, Delhi was cradle of civilizations and ancient people. Governments constructed the city within anyone ruler, some legend and histories describe the cities along history, in the early history of Delhi was built Hidraprastha, around 11th century Lal Kot; and during 13th century Siri, Tughlaqabad, Jahanpanah, Firozabad, in 1533 Dinpanah, later in 1638 Shahjahanabad, and 1803 New Delhi appeared to remain.

Here more information about these cities:

Idraprastha, built during 1450 BC by the Pandavas, it is mentions how a magnificent city in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, opulent and idyllic, Idraprastha was constructed near Purana Qila is present. The city is supposed to constructed by a celebrate architect Maya, but this city belongs to legend.

Lal Kot and Qila Rai Pithora, the Tomars Rajput founded Lak Kot in 736, the first city was near the Qutub Minar, later this was destroyed and rebuilt around 1030 by Anangpal II. In 1180, the Chauhan King Ajmer conquered and renamed Qila Rai Pithora, he enlarged and added thing to the city. Qila Rai Pithora was strength with seven gates, temples was built inside the walls, and he put a bell outside of strength and made a pillar in Vishnu honor, this yet you can see. Qutb Ud Din conquered Lal Kot and created the first Sultan of Delhi, Lal Kot was the capital till 1303, Qubt Ud Din began to construct the Qutb Minar, his victory tower, but it was completed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

Siri, it was built in 1311 by Ala Ud Din, Saljuqians Iranian was de architect who escape from Mughal invasion, Ala Ud Din built a big reservoir for his water supply.

Tughlaqabad, during The Tughlaq rule in 1321, this city was founded to 10 kilometers southeast from Qutb Minar, now it is in ruins.

Jahanpanah, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq created a new city near to Siri and Lal Kot was, this city was named Jahanpanah, asylum of the world, King Muhammad moved the capital of empire to Daulatabad, and two years later became to Jahanpanah, but in the relocations much people died and Delhi was depopulated for long time.

Firozabad, Firoz Shah Tughlaq built a new capital near to Yamuna River, he called to the city Firozabad, the city included three palaces, two Ashokan pillars, Meerut, citadel, audience halls, barracks and armories, mosques and the royal quarters in front of Yamuna River, today rest of Firoz Shah Kotla is in New Delhi.

Dinpanah and Purana Qila, In 1533, the Mughal Empire ruled in northern India, Humayun moved the capital to Delhi, and built a new city that he called Dinpanah, or refuge of the faithful. Afghan Sher Shah Suri overthrow to Humayun and renamed the citadel Purana Qila, now known like Old Fort. The Sher Shah Suri was built Sher Mandal of red sandstone. When Humayun return to Delhi in 1555, Sher Mandal was used as an observatory and library.

Shahjahanabad, this city was began by Shah Jahan, in 1638, built next to the left from Yamuna River, around the city was made a full water grave, with 6400 acres of walls, eleven gates and twenty seven towers, approximately with 400,000 people lived there. The city had Muslim and Hindu architecture, the Red Fort or La Qila was in the northeast of the city, the fort includes ornamental gardens and fountains, municipal buildings, the palace, mosque and royal baths. This city now is known as Old Delhi.

New Delhi, in 1803 the British submit to India under their control and they transferred the capital to Calcutta, in 1911 Delhi was declared capital as capital of British India other time. Sir Edwin Lutyens planned the city mostly, after the independence Delhi was against declared India capital in 1950.

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