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Getting Delhi

Getting There

By Air

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the main international gateway to India Country, is located 14 miles (23 kilometers) in the southwest of central Delhi city,  this has tourist information counters, 24 hour taxi counter, snacks, stores, restaurants and car rentals. Palam is the Domestic Airport; it is important airport for passengers that want to fly inside of India, the Indian Airlines operate principally in this airport, Palam Airport is located 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) away from IGIA. The International airport has more than 35 airlines flying to the main cities of the world.

By Road

Five National Highways connect Delhi with the rest of the country, if you want to go to the North of the country; you take National Highway 1 or called the Grand Trunk Road, take the National Highway 2 to go to Calcutta or the south east, when you want to go to Jairpur in the south west of the country take National Highway 8, National Highway 10 goes to west and National Highway goes to the east. If you want to drive in Delhi you must be 18 years old, you donít need additional documents if you are foreigners with international licenses to drive in Delhi, the roads are very fast and secure.

By Rail

The city has three main stations; the Old Delhi station or Purana Dilli, in Central Delhi is New Delhi station, and Hazrat Nizamuddin station in the south. Old Delhi and New Delhi stations are connected by Metro Line 2; you can buy ticket in office on the road to Connaught Place, or make your ticket booking on line. The rail stations have a waiting room, restaurants and fast food places. And be carefully with your luggage.

Getting Around

By metro

Delhi has three Metro Lines, Line 1 from Shahdara to Rithala through ISBT, Line 2 goes from Vishwa Vidyalya to Delhi University, ISBT, Connaught Place and to the Central Secretary, and Line 3 connect Idraprastha, Connaught Place and Dwarka Place. Line 2 is useful for go to Old Delhi. The metro is partly underground and partly elevate.

By bus

With more than 2,000 buses and 814 routes, Delhi is well connected by Delhi Transport Corporation Buses and Privately Blue Line Buses. Buses are very frequent, and you never travel alone on the bus in Delhi.

By taxi

Most Delhi ambassador taxis (model of the Hindustan Ambassador) are painted in Yellow and Black, these are readily available, these are a little expensive but more quickly than Metro in Delhi. Many taxis have electronic meters but are better to agree the price before to take one. You can call to modern radio taxi service too.

Car hire

This service usually is offered by the hotel, in the airport and some companies, usually with driver, even you can drive too. To drive in Delhi could be very difficult because it has a great automobile park. You need a basic international license to drive in Delhi.

By rickshaw

Same that the taxis the distinctive color is yellow and blank, are good shorter distance, always you found three or four auto rickshaws available, this service is same to the taxis services but is less expensive. Some of auto rickshaws run in fixed route in this case the price is fixed too.

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