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Delhi Eating

The most demanding gourmet will be satisfied with foods that Delhi has; this city has exotic and exquisite dishes, you can choose different places suiting foods for every budget. In Delhi, the better dishes are vegetarian, chicken and mutton, because Delhi is far from the sea, but its food is quite diverse.

Delhi offers several options to go to eat, international cuisine is offered in restaurants of the five star hotels, the food there is expensive but is perfect if you want to impress to travel partner, with its wished service and guaranteed food.

Independent stands are other option; in these places you can found traditionally food, and cuisine internationally to fewer prices. Street vendors are popular there; they give fast food that you can eat out walking in the Delhi streets.

More tips to request meals in Delhi for You:

Food in the Street, The crannies and nooks are the principal food that street vendors offer; they also sell gol gappas, chaats, bhel puris, chuskis and sweetmeats. They sell fast food in wheelbarrows or precarious carps.

Regional Cuisine, Moughlai and Frontier cuisine is famous in Delhi, dishes how dosas, idlis, vadas, uttapams, rasam and thalis are offers in restaurants. The Frontier cuisine is fine and very delicious, Mughlai cuisine is exotic too, since immemorial times generations of chefs have been guarded the secret.

International Cuisine, Many luxurious restaurants are in Delhi that offers Thai, Continental, Japanese, Continental, Mediterranean and Chinese foods, most of five star hotels have a Chinese food restaurant, but the variety is very big. The Italian food is very popular too, same to Thai and Japanese food.

Delhi Drinking

Drink in Delhi is very expensive, because has a alcohol license is very difficult, some restaurants doesnít have a license, and the licensed restaurants donít offer wine, it is expensive, instead of it these give to the customers beer, cocktails and spirits. Indian beer is excellent and invariable, but also is the Indian wine, Indian champagne called Marquise of Pompadour; these are expensive but worth while to prove. The nightlife transformation is total in Delhi, but this cosmopolitan city is rooted to its traditions, with strict rules. Theoretically the establishments closed at 1 AM, nevertheless, establishments closed more lately.

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