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Cochin Travel Guide

Cochin Travel Guide

The new name of the city is Kochi. Cochin is located on the western Coast of India, in front from Arabian Sea, in the west of the Kerala State. This city is known how the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The city has a population of 600,000; it is the second largest city in the Kerala State after the capital Thiruvananthapuram. Cochin is an important seaport of the country and has played a pivotal role in the developed of shipping and trade in the region.

It is a beautiful city, located between the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the Keralaís emerald backwaters; Cochin is housed in one of the finest natural harbors in the world, and has a rich network of backwaters. Cochin is the centre of culture and heritage of Kerala, it has an enormous potential in the use of Information Technology, many industries are situated there, and several export produces. Cochin has highly developed social structure, with 0% of illiteracy, and very good communication facilities and transport's infrastructure.

The natural harbor gave to the city an important commercial and cosmopolitan character, since earlier times, today is trade hub in the region. But Cochin is essential in the development and growth of Information Technology industry.

Cochin is very popular among tourist and visitors by itís picturesquely spread across island and promontories, and a good destinations for travelers because is a storehouse of tour attraction, mystic secret, and immense historical importance. The architecture keep the past of the city and the influence of these cultures, so, you can find Portuguese, Dutch and British styles in the cityís buildings.

The city is popular by its festivals, like Cochin Carnival, Indira Gandhi Boat Race and Attachmayan. The festival attract to many people from Kerala and other states.

The climate in Cochin is moderate with high levels of humidity, though the city has little seasonal temperature variation. The best time to visit Cochin is between November and May. During southwest's monsoon time that is from June to August fall heavy rains, and the north-east monsoon bring light rainfall between September and December, and in December, January and February is pretty cold.

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